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The Beauty of Nature in Segal’s Wine

To this day, Segal’s Wine is grown in the Galilee region of northeast Israel. With its low rainfall, mineral-rich volcanic basalt, and famed terra rossa soil, the region’s elevated terrain is ideal for producing both ripe, acidic whites like Segal’s Fusion White Blend, and full-bodied reds like Segal’s Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. For a spicier, more tannic version of the varietal, Segal’s unapologetic Unfiltered Cabernet Sauvignon, aged 18 months in oak barrels to fully develop its berry notes and generous finish, is not to be missed. A wildly buzzed-about favorite in kosher wine circles since its original vintage nearly a decade ago, the solid-spined, avant garde red floods the palate with semi-sweet chocolate and currant complexities, and refuses to be ignored.

Creating New Traditions with Segal’s Wine

Constantly revolutionizing the company’s products while keeping true to kosher traditions, Segal’s resident poet-cum-pioneer winemaker Avi Feldstein strives daily to shake up narrow views on the bottle. Feldstein’s out-of-the-box Argaman (a grape normally resigned to low-quality jug wines) varietal won a gold medal at the 2010 Les Citadelles du Vins competition in Bordeaux, France. Feldstein hopes to impart a thrill in his vintages—to turn the reputation of a previously-unfashionable grape on its head, set a new precedent, or signal “game on” to other winemakers. When you uncork a bottle of Segal’s Wine, you join its very creator in subverting outdated ideas about what wine ought to be.